Friday, January 14, 2011

We got a little crafty around here...

The kids and I decided to work on some crafts for Valentine's day. We normally don't decorate for Valentine's day other than a couple of cute Valentine's day frames, but this year we are changing that. I love pink and red so why wouldn't I take the perfect opportunity to use some around the house. Here are a few things that we worked on. We made the fabric heart wreath that is hanging from the antique mirror that I salvaged from the basement. This is simply made out of a coat hanger and fabric strips. I thought it would be perfect for the kids, but they got tired of it very quickly and I ended up finishing it myself. I also took a fence post and cut it up to make our wooden blocks stacked on top of one another in front of the mirror. The kids loved this because they got to help me sand them and they did the painting. Great for them to paint because I planned on roughing them up with sand paper once they were finished. I put some scapbook paper and letter and the front and tied them up with a satin ribbon. The other project we worked on was the flag banner (I guess that is what you would call it). Sadie and Gavin cut them out and sewed them. I had to help Gavin but Sadie did her 6 triangles herself. Once all of them were finished, I attached them to some ribbon. The kids are so proud of their projects. My frames came in for my pictures of the kids but I am still undecided about where to hang them so in the meantime, I sat them up on the mantel. More craft projects to come!

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