Monday, March 4, 2013

Kid Rock canceled but it's all good!

 I was so excited about getting to see Kid Rock again.  He was coming to Knoxville, which is just down the road, and I was soooooo looking forward to it.    My mom and dad were keeping the kids, which is not always an easy thing when it's a weekday because things are so busy, especially Wednesday, but we had everything arranged.  Once the kids were dropped off and we were heading to pick up our friends, we got the official word that he had canceled due to illness.  I was so bummed.  We hadn't been out without the kids in a couple of months, so we were looking forward to a night out.  As I talked to our friends, we decided we would at least go on to Knoxville and eat dinner.  Just as we pulled in to our friends' driveway, we received a text from them saying "Come on with's gonna be a long night!"  We pulled in and out they came saying that Bon Jovi was in Atlanta.  Off we went (after a quick call to my parents making sure our change of plans was ok with them)!  No bags were packed, no tickets in hand, and no time to spare.  We just took off.  Once we arrived, we dropped J off and we parked.  He had tickets in his hand as we met him at the door and as we walked in they started playing.  Great seats, great music, and great friends!  It was a blast!  The next morning at checkout Richard asked me if we had everything and we just laughed.  We didn't come with anything but what we were wearing.  Good times!
 This wasn't the first time I had seen him but every show is always great!  You can't go wrong...
with Bon Jovi!

 Wednesday was Bon Jovi and Saturday we headed to Nashville to see Pink.  We had not seen her before so we were super excited.  Earlier in the year we talked about who would be better Madonna or Pink since we knew we would be seeing them both.  Without a doubt Pink was so much better.  She rocked it!  I've always liked her but seeing her in concert took it to an entirely different level because she is so stinkin' cute in a girl next door kind of way.  So if you are wondering...Pink is a show to see!

Making memories :) of love

Polkadaisies...custom swing top and ruffle pants

Polkadaisies...custom baby gift set (gown, blanket, and beanie)