Sunday, July 31, 2011

Polkadaisies...Chicka chicka Boom boom!

It's been a busy week and it looks like the days a head will be just as busy. I have lots of orders to get shipped out tomorrow. I am just finishing up a Chicka chicka Boom Boom birthday outfit. I will have pictures posted later in the week.

Please remember that if you need to reach me, the best way to do so is through email.

My internet was not working yesterday so I am behind on emails, but I will get to the rest of them tomorrow.

My days of freedom are now numbered. School starts really soon so I hope to enjoy my last week off. Oh how summer flies by!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Polkadaisies...Excited about Peppa Pig and George

I was just introduced to Peppa Pig. Yes, you would think with two kids I would know who Peppa and George are but I didn't. I do now and I am very excited to be making shirts for two big Peppa fans.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Polkadaisies...h is for Harrison gifts

Polkadaisies...custom name shirts

A day at the lake...

After eating a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night at midnight, I laid in the bed (all four of us sleep together) and listened to Sadie read out of her "365 Bedtime Devos for Girls".

"Starting your day with God"

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to the Most High. It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening." Psalm 92:1-2

"How do you start your day? Do you sleep till the last possible moment and then hop out of bed without giving a single thought to God? Hopefully not. If you're smart, you'll start your day with a prayer of thanks to your Heavenly Father. Each new day is a gift from God, and if you're wise, you'll spend a few quiet moments thanking the Giver. It's a wonderful way to start your day."

After we talked about this for a little while and said our prayers we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed realizing I needed to head in to town and ship a couple of things off. I rushed and gathered my things and had Rich take me over to my car. I wanted to hurry and get back so we could enjoy the beautiful day. I shipped my stuff off and picked up a couple things at the store and headed back out. I may have rushed and not took the time to think of my blessings when I got out of bed but I sure did on my drive back to the lake. I always love the drive out, but today it was a little more meaningful. I guess you could say that I "had a little talk with Jesus" and it was a good one! I am so blessed and "sang my praises" and will start taking more time each morning to do so.

With that...

It was a beautiful day!!!!

Check it out. I don't always come prepared to climb the bank up to the rope swing so I talked real sweet to rich and was able to talk him out of his favorite pair of Vans. It doesn't happen often but today I sported them going off the rope swing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some of my favorite finds this summer...

I love summer and everything that goes along with it. Lazy days with my family are the best. We spend as much time as we can at the lake so that means we aren't out and about much. At least on land. Haha! As I have said before, I do most of my shopping on line but we did venture into the mall Tuesday after eating at Bonefish. The kids were excited about getting to go to the mall. You would almost think they were deprived (NOT EVEN CLOSE) after hearing them beg to go. Gavin knew exactly what he wanted before we even entered the doors of the mall as he usually does. He's a planner like his daddy. Sadie is more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" girl like me. We can be a little wishy washy and indecisive. It's nothing for me to carry something around the entire store and then decide not to get it. Not Gavin. No matter what his limit is, he always finds the best toy and he doesn't just lay in down within a few hours. He will keep it forever and usually know where it is at all times. If he really likes it, you will see him with it consistently. I really can't think of anything that Sadie has really been attached far as toys. Gavin...totally opposite. He's been attached to lots of toys and mainly super heroes and the most recent is a star wars sticker book that he got at Lowes. I just told Richard that we were going to have to reinforce the book with some tape before long because he is looking at it all the time. He has got much more than his $10 worth of entertainment out of it. Sadie's book (paper dolls) was entertainment for about 30 min and now I have no idea where it is and I'm sure she doesn't either.

Back to the mall...

The kids wanted an ice cream so Richard took them to Marble Slab while I went to grab a cookie. I waited for a while and then seen them coming. Sadie and Richard walking side by side and Gavin following behind them. The ice cream was melting fast and he was licking it as quickly as he could but it just wasn't fast enough. Not to worry though, he had put his prize/purchase under his shirt. It was hilarious seeing him walk through the mall with this red velvet ice cream face and this "thing" stuffed under his shirt. Even funnier, well at least it was funny to me, was the fact that Gavin was oblivious to this thing under his shirt. I guess it just made sense that this was the best place for it to keep his hands free for his ice cream and to keep the red mess off his new obsession.
Can you imagine what he just had to have?
It took me back to my own childhood and Rich and I both were glad that he picked what he did.

Gavin's new toy!

Gavin: "I want to name it wittle blue furse"
(little blue smurf)

My kids are loving their build a bears. Sadie doesn't quiet understand why it is named "build a bear" when it's not just bears. We think it should just be called "build it".

I worked until 5 am this morning and then went to bed. I tried covering Gavin up and he rolled over and said "That's ok...furse will keep me warm!" He says the sweetest things when I come to bed and I always look forward to laying down beside him. I usually make him get up and go potty and of course I carry him. He pats my back the entire walk to the bathroom and back to bed. Love him!

Richard got some new glasses this summer and I just love them. I got new ones last year and liked them so well that I didn't get a new pair this year. I am on the hunt for a new pair though, but I want something different.
How about those hair feathers. I went to get me one before we went to the beach and decided not to but both of the kids got one. Some of the boys told Gavin they were for girls. He didn't care though. If Steven Tyler can wear one then Gavin can too.
I always love searching for bathing suits for Sadie, especially before we go to the beach. This year I lucked up and found two that I just adored. Sadie's favorite was the purple one.

I found this pillow and loved it. I usually make most of mine but I just thought this one was so cute. I found it at Target and decided to get it. Since then I have seen it in several blogs from party decor to kids rooms. I'll be using mine in my family room. It looks great on my red leather couch!

I haven't received my most recent find. Rich ordered me a new pair of shoes. I don't own a pair of Toms but I have a pair on their way. I didn't get the classic. I got these wedges. I didn't know this about the company until I visited their website but...
Isn't that awesome?!

Rich and I both love hats especially in the summer time. I have taken over several of his hats and may even take this one over. I found this browsing the internet and it too is on its way. I have never been a fan of the fitted hats simply because I need a place for my ponytail, but I love this one from True Religion.
Can you tell I love shoes? The kids purchased these spiffy sanuk shoes for Rich. If you haven't ever tried these on, you must. They are the most comfortable shoes! I may even need a pair of these.

They have flip flops too. They even have them out at the lake at G*Rides.

My latest favorite find was a pair of boots that I saw Gwen Stefani's boys wearing. I wanted a pair for Gavin but they don't come in his size. I shared a link to them on an earlier post. If you have a boy, you need to check them out.
(All Saints)

Polkadaisies...Miss Ryen

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gwen Stefani's son's boots...too cool! All Saints

Rich and I always pick up a couple of gossip magazines on our way to the lake and this past weekend Rich came across a pair of boots that Gwen Stefani's sons were wearing. They were so cute. We checked out the website and was shocked to see that they were 50% off. I was super pumped and was browsing through them to pick out a pair for Gavin. I found the ones I wanted and couldn't believe what I was going to be able to get them for. Well, they don't make them in Gavin's size. I was so bummed. Even though I couldn't get any, I thought I would share them with you. Gwen's boy's had them on with shorts and they were adorable. I could just see my Gavin wearing them. Go check them out...All Saints sent in