Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contact me through email please!!!!!

I received some emails that customers have been trying to reach me on my cell so I thought this was the easiest way to respond so that everyone would know that I am not avoiding calls :)

If you are a local you well know that if you have AT&T your phone doesn't work well out in the country nor at the lake. It's very aggravating but it's worth having the perks of the iphone with AT&T. I spend lots of time at the houseboat and I definitely do not have service there. So, please know that I am not avoiding calls. If you do call, please just leave me a message and I will get back to you when I am back in town or just email me. If you do not leave a message on my phone it will not show that I had a missed call since I am out of range.
The best way to reach me is email.
I have internet at the lake :)

Although it is a yucky, rainy day here at the boat, we are getting lots of work accomplished. Richard and I have hung cabinet doors, he has hung trim, Sadie has learned to do a cart wheel, Gavin has been a hand full to say the least, and supper is in the slowcooker! I brought a canvas for the kids to paint so it looks like today will be a good day for that.

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