Saturday, February 28, 2009

Polkadaisies new blog

My new blog has arrived! My favorite thing is my new button design on the right. I love it. For those of you who have visited both old and new, give me some comments on what you think of the new design or do the poll.

Friday, February 27, 2009

You've Got Nail

Check this business card out. "You've Got Nail" It's a lot like "Ellie Pat". You just can't stop saying them.
I had the opportunity to go and have a much needed manicure today at a new place. Heather is a customer and I delivered some things to her this week and thought it would be nice to get the nails done because... I've got nails. "You've Got Nail" so give her a call.
There was one problem. I took my kids. Live and learn! Sorry Heather. You and Jennifer are going to team up on me because of my fighter, biter, pincher of a son.

Polkadaisies "Finally some boy items" for Cole's birthday

Yee Haw! I had so much fun doing this cowboy name pillow for birthday boy Cole.

Polkadaisies name shirt & school spirit shirt for Miss Raylee

Polkadaisies Mavs fan shirt

Polkadaisies birthday shirt for Samuel

Gavin's 1st birthday

I have made a few things here lately that cause me to think about Gavin's 1st birthday. The fabrics you see in these items are fabrics that I made Gavin's nursery bedding in and the same fabrics I used for his first birthday.

I made the shirt this week for Samuel who was suppose to celebrate his birthday today. I talked to his mom yesterday and she said they had to take him to the er night before last because he was sick. Typical stuff that happens to me. Plans are always changing when you have little ones. I sure hope that Samuel was feeling better today and got to celebrate his big day.

Relay for Life event March 7th

First Volunteer Bank&The Gilded GownPresent
A Prom & Bridal Fashion Show & Expo
Benefiting Relay for Life
Saturday, March 7th
Caryville Elementary School
Come see the latest styles in prom and bridal fashion.
Doors open for the expo at 1:00 p.m.Vendors include hair stylists, nails techs, photographers, florists, make-up, jewelry, monogramming, etc………….
Fashion Show begins at 3 p.m.
Dress auction to follow
Admission$5 Adults $3 Students
Fashion show provided by The Gilded Gown & directed by Amy Floyd
Interested in being a vendor?Contact Tiffany(423)592-0230
I was asked to participate in this event just last week and decided that, even though life is very hectic this month, I would. Below is a picture of Carly and the reason I want to be a part of this. Carly is the daughter of Lynn & Timeka Leach, who are very special friends of mine and Richards. We even had the opportunity to go on vacation last year with them to the Isle of Palms. We absolutely had a blast. There were 4 couples that went, 8 adults and 9 kids, and we stayed in a four bedroom condo. I loved it and I think everyone else would say the same. Sadie especially had a good time with Carly because they are the same age. As the summer went on we spent more and more time with the Leach family. In September, life changed dramatically for them.
Carly had always been a picture perfect healthy kid. Hardly ever at the doctor except for the yearly checkups and the occasional winter cold. On Friday August 29, 2008 Timeka took Carly to the Dr. for a low grade fever and some bruising. Blood work determined she had leukemia. Carly was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) on Tuesday September 2, 2008. Her Chemotherapy began on Wed. Sept.3. She was scheduled for 27 months of Chemotherapy.
Carly has been through so much! She is the strongest little girl I know and she IS...
"kicking cancer to the curb!"

Carly and her baby sister

A percentage of my proceeds on Saturday will be donated to Relay for Life in honor of Carly.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Polkadaisies Birthday girl outfit for Grace

I made this outfit for Grace. It's her birthday outfit! You have to imagine the inspiration for this outfit...a pair of silver metallic UGG boots. Grace brought them to the house to show me and I absolutely LOVE them. Cutest thing ever. I showed them to Rich on the internet after Grace left and he said those are cute. I asked him if he thought I should get them and he told me that if it was October, he would say yes. WHAT? October? What does that have to do with it? I thought about it a little while as I kept admiring the metallic silver UGGS on the computer. "OK, so what does October have to do with it?" I asked. "Missy wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them now" he said. Now I'm following him. He calls Sadie Missy sometimes and he thinks I am wanting to get the boots for Sadie. I new better than to get them for her this late in the year when I just bought her a second pair recently. I cleared things up for him and he laughed. He said they looked like kids. I proceeded to shut down my computer without the purchase of some cool metallic silver UGGS for myself. :( I have looked at them several times since, but I haven't took the plunge. Yesterday I felt like I had worn the same outfit that Sadie could have worn- black Uggs, grey leggings, and a long black top. I felt like I was in a kids outfit all day, but the funny thing is I loved it. So very comfortable!!! Whats wrong with that? All day I kept thinking that if I am going to wear stuff like this, then a pair of silver metallic UGGS would fit in just fine. Will I purchase?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits upcoming photo shoot

Rebekah from Southern Charm Portraits ( contacted me last week to see about doing a photo shoot for Polkadaisies clothing and products and, of course, I said yes! She and Daniel do amazing work and I can't wait to see what they do to showcase some of my designs, old and new. I AM SO EXCITED! We have not set the date yet because I have been so busy this month. I have a few more things to finish for all these February and March birthday kids and then I am going to work on some new things for the photo shoot. We will set a date soon and I look foward to sharing the photos on my blog. In the mean time, check out some of their work. I have added a link to their blog on the far right so you can view their portfolio. Just click on their icon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Polkadaisies "when pink & black swirl, you'll want to twirl"

Polkadaisies for Joelle in Pennsylvania

An end of the year gift for a teacher!

This order is for Joelle in Pennsylvania. I got to spend a few minutes talking to Joelle over the phone last week and the whole time I kept thinking she has a proper accent and she is probably cracking up at my country twang. Before I could get her whole order, I had to ask her where she was from. I told her that she could probably guess I was a little south of her. She was nice and said she liked hearing my accent. Joelle was so kind to send me a picture of Ellie Pat to get a little inspiration. She is turning 2 in March and absolutely precious. I started working on the "ellie pat" shirt yesterday and I can't tell you how many times I have said her name in my head since. It's just one of those names that is fun to say and I'm sure it is one that I will remember. Thanks so much Joelle! Hope to do business with you again and I hope the party is a blast! Send me a picture :)