Monday, February 2, 2009

Polkadaisies personalized silver jewelry

I made a couple of these for a good friend of mine who purchased them for Valentine's Day gifts for her daughters. I had to warn her that they were on my blog because she has two little tricksters on her hands. They admitted this year that they opened all their Christmas presents last year and wrapped them back. They even checked their mom's emails to see what purchases she had made throughout the holiday season. I can't believe they fessed up. I think the fessing up was the oldest with the youngest astonished that she was giving a tell all to her mother. The result was their mom not bringing any presents home until time for Christmas and drawing her attention to their mischief. Even funnier if you know the girls. So...LONGJOHNS...I wouldn't put it past them finding out their Valentine gifts early :)

This was made for the mommy of little miss Gracie that I made the birthday outfit for recently. These necklaces have two pieces to them with a couple of charms attached. The heart is on the front and then there is a "I Love U" charm at the clasp. Great gift for Mother's Day or Birthdays.

Here is Gracie's necklace that I made for her first birthday. If you are a "keeper of everything that once belonged to your kids" then this will be a great piece to add to your collection.

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