Saturday, September 24, 2011

The's just our thing!

This video of Gavin doing the robot dance was recent while spending the day boat riding up Norris Lake. We had been gone most of the day and Gavin was laying down in the boat (I thought he was almost asleep...nothing like a nap riding in a boat) when all of a sudden he pops up and starts dancing. We all kept looking at one another and then looking at Gavin. I know we were all thinking "where did this come from" but the only answer I have is that it's just our thing. LOL! It was definitely the highlight of the day and I hate that I didn't catch the first minute on the camera (it took me a minute to get mine out) but I still caught some good moves!

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Polkadaisies...for Owen

I created this shirt for Owen who had open heart surgery last week at Vanderbilt. He wore it for his pre-op appointments the day before surgery. I am happy to report that he did wonderful and is one amazing little guy.

Polkadaisies...custom baby gifts

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Polkadaisies...custom birthday outfit

Back on tour again...

It's been months since Rich and I have had a night out without kids, but this weekend was for us.

We made a trip to Altlanta with, shopping, lots of laughter, and...

the Journey concert!
I get cracked up at this picture because it reminds me that I had 4 shirts on. Hehe! Wore two, added one more before we headed in to the concert (it was a bit chilly!)and bought one.

Night Ranger and Foreigner was there too!

The morning after...LOL!
We hit the malls to do a little shopping.

(the shoe department at Neiman Marcus)
The malls in Atlanta are awesome...7 for All Mankind, Macy's, and Louis Vuitton to name a few.
Stephanie and I were loving it even though it was a quick trip.
The guys...not so much!

They were good sports though :)

Good times!

Polkadaisies...teacher gifts

Polkadaisies...owl shirt spirit shirts

Polkadaisies...You are my sunshine!!! gowns

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Southern Charm Portraits

thanks Rebekah for not letting us down!
I knew you had it in you to get some beautiful shots of your little ones at the beach :)
I always love seeing "the sweet life" of these three!
Yeah Max!!!!

Boy, I have been blessed this week with so many photographs from SCP.
Seeing your beautiful work never gets old and continues to amaze me.
Thank you Rebekah!

photography by sent in

Here's one cute Big Bro (Little Bro is Crews)
I can't believe he is the big bro when he is just a little thing himself :) sent in

I love pigtails and I'm not the only one!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 it!

This just makes me smile!

Polkadaisies' original t-shirt dress and banner

photography by