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Polkadaisies...custom birthday outfit (number shirt, dutch doll, apron skirt)

This skirt was originally created for a Valentine's Day outfit seen HERE with the intention of being able to use it on through summer. Pictured are a couple of new shirts that coordinate well with it. It also looks super cute paired up with the Hello Kitty shirt pictured HERE.

Monday, February 20, 2012 theme birthday outfit (number shirt, twirl skirt, cow print)

Polkadaisies...hand painted Lion King birhtday shirt

Shoot for two! Shoot, shoot, FOR TWO. Cause when you SHoot for two, you know it's going through!!!

I am playing a little catch up on the blog today since I had the day off from school.
I had a great Valentine's Day with my Valentine. Haha! Wow! He's been my Valentine for many, many years. Wonder if I still need to ask him to be mine? We celebrated V-day with our kids by having a family night out. We went to see Star Wars 3D, ate dinner, and did a little shopping.

Earlier, at school, I was sitting in the RR room when someone knocked on the door. When they came in, they were carrying these and told me they were mine. I was shocked because I couldn't imagine who would have sent them. Rich had just got me flowers a week or so earlier and I told him not to send them on V-day therefore, I knew it wasn't him and WHO else would send me flowers?
THEN, I looked at the card. I couldn't believe it! The card read "Happy Valentine's Day Coach! Love, Alex" My mouth almost hit the floor and my eyes teared up. I couldn't believe how thoughtful and how sweet it was that Alex (I'm sure his mom had a little something to do with this too), whom I have only known for a month, had sent me flowers.

Let me rewind a little. A little over a month ago I decided to coach a ball team. My kids have not shown any interest in playing basketball until recently. I, of course, would have loved for them to play considering I love the game, but I didn't want to push them to do it. I was thrilled when they starting talking about playing, and I was on it immediately. I didn't instantly think I wanted to coach though because I had given that up once I became pregnant with Sadie, but I did check in to them playing. Then, the more I thought about it the more it made sense for me to just coach. If they were going to play, I was going to be there, so it just made sense to coach and Rich claimed his title as assistant coach. hehe! I loved coaching years ago and if I was willing to do it then why wouldn't I do it for my own kids. Plus, it would ease their nervousness if Mommy was their coach ;)
Here is Sadie and Gavin at their first game. BTW...she looks so much like me that it makes me laugh. I wish I had a picture handy of me at this age so you could see. My kiddos and 11 others make up my team. One of those players being Alex. Alex made me excited about coaching the first night. He LOVES the game and absorbs everything I say. He likes Kentucky too. haha! I guess you could say "He had me at hello!" Now, can you imagine how I felt getting flowers from this sweet boy who I had only known a month. I'm will do everything I can to have him dunking the ball before the season ends and I will always be his biggest fan!
Thank you Alex (and his mommy) for the flowers. Those kind of gestures are never forgotten.

Now with all of that being said...

I think back to the days, you know...the good ole' days, and a big part of my life WAS playing basketball. I'm sure that is shocking to lots of you, but it is true. I grew up with an older brother and lots of boys hanging out at our house playing basketball in the back yard. Being four years younger than my brother, I looked up to him and wanted to be doing anything he was doing. I can't say the feeling was mutual. In his eyes, I guess I was considered a pest. Pest or not, I was a part of most games in the back yard. It was just what you did back then. If we weren't playing ball, we were riding our dirt bikes. Haha! Anyways, just last year our high school contacted the team I played on in high school to come back so they could recognize our accomplishments. Wow! It had been a long time since I had walked out on that court. It brought back a lot of memories and reminded me how much I loved the game. We were being recognized because we are the only team from a team sport that has ever went to the state tournament from our school. It was great to see everyone and below was the intro we received as we went out on the court.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we would like you to welcome back on to the court the 1990-91 Lady Cougars basketball team. This year marks the 20th year anniversary of their trip to Murfreesboro for the state tournament. In our schools 35 year history, this is the only team from a team sport that has ever made it to the state tournament. We would now like to introduce the coaches and players from that team:

Head Coach: Sherry Chapman

Assistant Coach: Brent Peel

Freshman: Meredith Malicoat

Sara Dagley

Randy Chapman

Sophomore: Kim Derry

Juniors: Becky Hudson (that's me)

Misty Lindsay

Stephanie Norman

Jennifer Brantley

Seniors: Charlotte Tibbs

Jill Cox

Audrey Orick

Their accomplishments during that season include:

· 25-4 Record

· Ranked 8th in state AP poll

· 20 game winning streak

· 1st place in district regular season with

12-0 District Record

· District Tournament Champs- only in school history

· 2nd Place in Region Tournament

· Defeated Science Hill in Sub-state game

· Lost in 1st round of state tournament to eventual champ and nationally ranked Shelbyville High School"

Assistant Coach Peel, Misty, Randi, Stephanie, Meredith, Charlotte, Becky (yep that's me #22), Sarah, Kim, Jill, Audrey, Jennifer, and Coach Chapman

I get so tickled looking back at our uniforms. We thought they were the bomb because they were new and we were very thankful to have long shorts. Haha! Yep, those were considered long to us. You would also agree if you seen what we were wearing prior to these. LOL!
Look at us now :)
Standing:Coach Chapman, Randi, Meredith, Kim, Sarah, Becky, Stephanie, Charlotte, Assistant Coach Peel
Sitting: Audrey, Misty, Jill

I guess you could say I have been doing a little reminiscing as I enter this new year and new adventure with my kids. Hope I didn't bore you too much.

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