Sunday, February 5, 2012

Here's to 42 & 38 in 2012

Today is my husband's birthday and Sadie wanted to take our picture. She took several and as she was taking them, I asked her if the basket was in the picture. She told me no but in all 23 pictures that she took, the basket appeared in all of them. haha! I bet it's hard to imagine why an Easter basket would be hanging from the upstairs balcony, but Sadie saw it in a movie. Now, when they play upstairs and need something, they have me put it in the basket and they pull it up. At one time she had about 6 hanging from the upstairs. One for food, one for garbage, one for toys, one for clothes, one for sippy cups (yes we still use sippy cups), and one for movies. I made her take all of them down after a couple of days except for the one. Couldn't bring myself to do away with all of them since they have had so much fun with it.

We celebrated Rich's birthday by having dinner at the Bonefish. Shocker, I know. We love the Bonefish. The kids prefer Wasabi, but luckily with Rich and I having birthdays recently we have managed to talk the kids in to eating their twice recently. They like Bonefish, but their top pick is definitely Wasabi. Rich turned 42 and I recently turned 38. It's hard to imagine and I find myself having a hard time remembering exactly how old I am. The number is 38 but in my mind I just can't imagine that I am almost 40. Rich and I also celebrated our 18th anniversary in December and I have now been with him almost HALF MY LIFE. Wow, 20 years is just around the corner. We are already thinking about what we will do to celebrate. Pinterest has me dreaming of some wonderful beaches that we could visit.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'll be sharing my kids' Valentine's Day pictures a little later :)

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