Saturday, October 29, 2011

Polkadaisies...custom polka dot Christmas tree shirt and twirl skirt (bunting banner)

Polkadaisies...custom turkey shirt for Thanksgiving (polka dot & leopard)

Polkadaisies...polka dot custom school hoodie (owls)

Polkadaisies...Hip Hop polka dot dance hoodie

Polkadaisies...University of Tennessee custom polka dot shirt

Polkadaisies...polka dot cheerleader shirt with megaphone

Polkadaisies...polkadot school spirit hoodie tie dye style

I don't always offer the tie dye hoodies but I am going to make another order for a variety of hoodies since Christmas is around the corner. If you are interested, please contact me some time before the end of next week. They come in youth and adult sizes: hot pink, red, lime, royal, black, purple, and orange. These are $5 more than the original hoodies.
Price:youth $40
adult $50

Team day at school means "Go Big Blue" for us two!!!

Sadie and I broke out the blue for "Team Day" at school. Yes, I am a Kentucky fan. I was born in Kentucky, my parents are from Kentucky, and our family has always loved the Big Blue!
I must say that there are not many Kentucky fans where I work. Sadie and I were the only ones supporting UK and we were booed when we walked in to assembly on Friday. LOL! I must say that I do love Tennessee and will cheer for the big orange as well. I choose to live in the state of Tennessee and raise my children here so how could I not support them!? I guess we sorta ride the fence and I think that's fair! Support your roots (never forget were you come from) and be proud of where you live!

Just for the record...I have become a bit of a Texas fan as well. I even purchased a pair of Texas shorts. How could I not support a state that shows so much love to Polkadaisies? The majority of the items I ship out each day go to Texas so thank you to all my Texas followers!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Virginia Creeper

We heard about this Virginia Creeper last spring and scheduled a trip but got half way their and found out there had been a tornado so we didn't get to go. I guess you could say things work out for a reason because after going this week, I can't imagine it being any more beautiful than it was Tuesday. The kids and Richard had bikes so I rented one at the bike shop where we got on the bus to ride up the mountain. The ride was about 30 minutes to the top and then the fun begins. It was a great 17 miles! I recommend it for everyone who can ride a bike. It's all pretty much down hill so the only thing you have to worry about is a sore tail! haha!

Check out the amazing bridges we got to ride over.

I had to stop when I came through here. It was breath taking as you can see.

We stopped for a little break at the playground so the kids could run around for a little bit.

The trip down took us around 3 hours and I can't wait to go again!

Polkadaisies...custom boutique Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts

The Robards going to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Polkadaisies...custom name pillow

Polkadaisies...tote bags

We are working on one more tote bag and then we will be caught up on all the bags. hoodies