Thursday, April 29, 2010

Polkadaisies..."It's a good day" sale

It'S a gOOd dAy SaLe!
"too cute" crayon apron
regular price $30
sale price $25
The sale is for one day only. All orders must be placed through email.
Please put "it's a good day" sale in the subject.

This is “too cute”! I made this apron for my daughter a couple of years ago. Her little brother had discovered that he could get some attention when he dumped all of his sister's crayons out in the floor. Sadie and I discovered a way to keep the crayons away from him and organized. She was very proud of her apron and wanted to show it to everyone. My best friend’s mom came over and Sadie tried it on for her and her response was “Sadie, that is too cute.” With some defense in her voice Sadie responded by saying “No it’s not…it’s perfect!” Therefore, the name is “too cute” crayon apron. It would also be perfect for the larger size crayons or markers. It’s amazing with two kids how little things make my life easier and although this is a little thing, it has kept me from having to gather up crayons every time we want to color. I'm sure this will be a new birthday gift for Sadie's friend sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polkadaisies...custom name pillow

Polkadaisies...peace sign shirt

Polkadaisies..."lemonade" twirl skirt with sash

Polkadaisies...initial shirt

Polkadaisies...custom name gown and ribbon beanie

Polkadaisies...Big brother and little brother shirts

Polkadaisies...custom dragonfly zip front hoodie

Polkadaisies...custom number shirts

Polkadaisies...custom chenille initial blankets bloomers and name shirt

Polkadaisies...custom big sis, lil bro shirts shirt

Polkadaisies...custom name shirt/onesie

Polkadaisies...custom school spirit shirts

Friday, April 23, 2010

Polkadaisies...custom twirl outfit

Polkadaisies...Imagine Dance Studio custom shirt

Polkadaisies...beach bum shirt

Polkadaisies...relay for life of customers gift set sent in by customers

You have probably seen several of this families orders on here because my Georgia blog friend, Miss Heidi, has been a great customer! I felt like a little bit of a slacker when I seen her son's party pictures. She always has some of the cutest ideas. I have put some pictures below to give you an idea of the detail that went into his big day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
Cooper wore his Polkadaisies' monkey shirt and madras shorts for the big day.
Happy Birthday Cooper!!!!
the layered candy, cupcake toppers, cake plate, etc. CUTE!!!

I couldn't leave out big brother. He is wearing a pair of Polkadaisies' shorts too :)

another cool cake!

You can tell it was a good day! I bet he finally got still and passed out!
Thank you Heidi for sharing his big day!