Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa outfit...HO HO HO!

Here is my Santa for this year. I made this outfit for Hannah and Sadie. The favorite part of the outfit for Sadie is that the shirt is pink. As I have said before, I love pink thrown in with the greens and reds. Sadie can't wait to go see Santa in her new outfit!

Patchwork holiday outfit

I have done patch work jeans before for Sadie, but never with Christmas fabric. I love the way they turned out. I also think the name "drew" looks adorable on the shirt. I think a lot about the way letters and names look. I even took it into consideration when I was naming my own kids. I had to like the way it sounded and looked when I wrote it-cursive & print. Yes I am a little out there. Just ask my friends.
I am fortunate enough to know the little girl I made this outfit for. She is my neighbor at the lake and I think this will suit Miss Drew to a T.

Every time I think of Drew I think of a funny story. I probably shouldn't share because it will tell you a little much about the man I married, but you might get a good laugh. Richard loves to get pedicures. I can't go without him. Last summer we went to Panache and Richard decided he would get his moneys worth and let them paint his toenails black. Well, he liked it and now he keeps them painted. On to the funny part...Drew came over to the house boat in her paddle boat to visit with some friends. Richard went to tie her boat up and Drew noticed his toes. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she was oblivious to everything else. She kept nudging the other girls to look at his toes while never taking her eyes off from them. I will never forget the look on her face. I hope she wasn't too disturbed :)

The bad thing about it is that my daughter thinks it's normal for guys to have their toe nails painted. On the way to church this morning my son was crying cause he wanted my make up and Sadie told him it would be ok that even though he couldn't wear make up, he could paint his toe nails.

Holiday jeans

Here is a pair of jeans I did for the holidays. I didn't do this shirt to go with the jeans because they were for two different customers, but I think they would look cute together.

Initial t-shirts

Here are some of the newest initial t-shirts that I have done. Great for gifts!

Minky dot lounge set

Here is a lounge set that I did recently for Grace and Bailey. I used a minky dot red fabric for the pants with a cute polka dot hem. I added a polka dot ribbon as a draw string. The shirts are appliqued with the same polka dot fabric. Have fun in Gatlinburg girls!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The feast!

What did I do all weekend...made a few turkey shirts! The feast is almost over so I will start posting my Christmas holiday items soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Fantasy of the trees outfit with a color twist

I was given this shoe and told to make an outfit to match and thought it would be a pretty easy project. I guess I hadn't thought it completely through. The colors made it more difficult than I thought... rust, lime green, and purple. Not your traditional holiday color combination. I think the shoes are adorable and hopefully the outfit will hold up to the shoes. If you are wondering what the striped things are, they are leg warmers. I found these and thought it would add some spunk to the outfit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A different initial tee

Polkadaisies* gifts

Here is an inital tee that was created for a birthday present...a pajama birthday party! I also created a gift bag to match the tee.

Polkadaisies* Holiday pajama party

How much fun would it be to get together with all your friends and have a pajama party? I made this lounge set for Claire so she could look festive at her friend's pajama party. Making all these custom orders has been alot of fun. It has also been beneficial for Sadie because everything I make, she wants one too. Started on her pajama set last night. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Number shirts New York & Georgia

I finished these number shirts this weekend. The white number "3" shirt is going to Kirsten in Brooklyn, NY and the turquoise number "5" shirt is going to Amber in Georgia. Thanks for the business and I hope both your daughters love them.

Turkey shirt with a touch of pink

This is my turkey with a touch of pink. Like I've said before, we live in a pink world at my house. When Gavin came along, we lived with blue accents, but now that he can talk, he calls every color pink. If you ask him what color he wants, he always says "pink" with a grin on his face. So, we are back to our pink world!
Hannah's pink turkey shirt!

Tooth fairy pillow with initial

I have made a few of these but the most recent buyer asked me to add an initial to the pillow. I think it looks really sweet with the initial and don't all kids love their name or initial on their things? I know, as a mom, it adds a cute personal touch to their things. I wish I would have put an "S" on Sadie's. Guess I will have to do her another one! :)

Cheerleading competition sweatsuit

I finished this cheerleading sweatsuit up this weekend. What a cute way to support your team! I loved the way it turned out and I hope Claire does too!