Sunday, November 2, 2008

Polkadaisies* "too cute" crayon apron

This is “too cute”! I made this apron for my daughter who loves to color and draw. Her little brother has recently discovered that he gets some attention when he dumps all of his sister's crayons out in the floor. Sadie and I discovered a way to keep the crayons away from him and organized. She is very proud of her apron and wants to show it to everyone. My best friend’s mom came over and Sadie tried it on for her and her response was “Sadie that is too cute.” With some defense in her voice she responded by saying “no it’s not…it’s perfect!” Therefore, the name is “too cute” crayon apron. It would also be perfect for the larger size crayons or markers. It’s amazing with two kids how little things make my life easier and although this is a little thing, it has kept me from having to gather up crayons every time we want to color. I'm sure this will be a new birthday gift for Sadie's friend sometime soon.

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