Monday, February 28, 2011

New item available on the website...cell phone cases

enter the website by clicking on the link above
once you enter the site, click on the "go shop" button
you will find the cell phone cases once you click on the "gifts" button

Check out the phone cases now available at Great personalized covers that stand out from the crowd. These are not available to order through email. You will need to place orders through the website ( If you have any questions about the item, please feel free to "contact us". This product is from Clairebella. We will also be offering several of their other products soon.

More items will be added to the website soon. It has been a slow process, but we are now periodically listing things to make ordering easier. If you are wanting to place an order for something that you can not find on the website (maybe something you have seen on the blog) just email me and we can take your order.

Polkadaisies loves Strawberry Shortcake!

My favorite thing as a child was my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I loved them! Thankfully my mom stored them away and gave them back to me years ago. I had them put away for years and at some point, Gavin and Sadie came across them and had a field day with them. I had to make a Birthday outfit recently for a strawberry shortcake party (pictured below) and decided to drag them back out. Here are my favorites!
These were the first two I got...Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie.
I have a cottage, train, swing set, strawberry storage case, along with several other SS items, but this tricycle is my favorite! I just think it is adorable.
(Raspberry Tart)

I couldn't leave out the meanies!
(Purple Pieman & Sour Grapes)

(Lemon Meringue and Cherry Cuddler)

(Apple Dumplin & Teatime turtle)
I vividly remember the day I got Apple Dumplin. I had been wanting her for a while, but we couldn't find her anywhere. Mom and Dad took me and my brother to Oak Ridge and had promised if I was good, that they would let me pick out a SS doll. As soon as we got in Watson's, dad took me downstairs and there she was. I was beside myself.
Here are some of my favorites. I have so many more but the kids have mixed up all there clothing and shoes so I am in the process of going through them and sorting them.

Polkadaisies...CCHS shirt

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Might be a while before I go back to Kentucky!

Yesterday was a beautiful day so me and the kids loaded up and headed to Kentucky..."back where I come from." LOL! Our first stop was the bowling alley to celebrate my cousin's little boy's birthday (Happy Birthday Brady!) I planned on going to visit another cousin after the party but when I came out to my car, my tire was flat as a pancake! So flat that I couldn't even drive across the parking lot to a gas station. I got in my car to call RIch and realized my phone was dead. Huh! Isn't that some luck. Here I am stranded in Kentucky with a dead phone. I got in my car to look for the phone charger and thought I would start it up and roll the windows down for the kids. Well, it wouldn't start. Clearly the battery was dead. Luckily, I caught my cousin before she left and she called a friend to come over and help. He aired my tire up, which had two visible nails in it, fixed my battery, and sent me on my way to the nearest Walmart. Amy followed me to Walmart and even loaned me her car charger since I never could find mine. Lord help if you have trouble with your car on a Saturday evening. None of the surrounding tire places were open. Once we got to Walmart we had to wait for over an hour for them to plug my tire, but finally we were on our way and I purchased a phone charger while waiting. I then took the kids to get something to eat and headed for my cousin's house to play. I thought it might be good to see how the tire done before heading back. We finally made it to their house, 2 hours later than planned, and no one was home. We decided to start heading back and got on the interstate. We traveled for 20 min and decided to get off the next exit and visit my uncle who had surgery recently. I also wanted to show the kids my granny's house where I spent most of my weekends playing. I turned up the hill to my uncle's and hit a little bump and my window came off track. COULD ANY THING ELSE HAPPEN?! We visited for a little while and then headed home before it got too late. It was so cold riding with the window down so a few miles down the road I pulled off and fooled with the window. I finally got it up far enough for me to grab a hold of it. I was able to pull it most of the way up. I was holding my breath not to hit a bump and to make it home before anything else happened. It was just one of those day that I wished I wouldn't have left the house. It was great seeing family, but it may be a while before I head back into Kentucky!

Even though the day was rough Saturday, we had a great day Friday. Rich and I took the kids to the book store and to Build a Bear in Knoxville. We also stopped and got a bite to eat. Check out Gavin making himself at home in the bookstore. He was reading a book about superheroes. My favorite part is the end of it when he says "dee end".

Thursday, February 24, 2011 item...boys' neckties

I had such a hard time finding Gavin a tie last year and still wasn't completely satisfied with the one I got so this year I'm making it easy...custom neckties for Easter!

Polkadaisies...t-shirt dress for a special birthday girl!

Polkadaisies...Guess who's turning 1

Polkadaisies...personalized tote bag

Polkadaisies...custom name hoodie

Kelly green for Mrs. Kelley...proud mommy of grace, noah, and clayton! spirit hoodies spirit hoodie/Oak Ridge

Polkadaisies...custom team spirit hoodie

Polkadaisies...custom name hoodie spirit hoodie for K-STARS

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the road again...

If you know me, you know that I love to go to concerts and this past Friday we headed to Nashville to see the Kid Rock Born Free concert. I must say it was AWESOME! We had great seats and were in great company. We debated on who would come out and sing a song because someone cool always comes in to sing one when you are in Nashville. We were all wrong when Trace Adkins and Sheryl Crow both came out and sang. They were awesome as well. I would probably have to say that I haven't ever enjoyed a concert more than this one. I love his new stuff and he had just enough of his old stuff to make Richard happy. Rich even ranks it in his top 3 concerts.

We will be back on the road in March to see REO Speedwagon..Woowoo!

Polkadaisies...Scooby Doo birthday shirt

I hand painted the Scooby Doo and appliqued the name and number.
matches the mystery van :)

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Maci!