Monday, August 31, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' photo shoot...tea for two

These pictures say so much about the relationship between Sadie and her cousin Cora. They absolutely adore one another as you can see. I'm sure Jill and I will constantly be looking back at these down the road as our girls grow up together.
Please say a prayer for Cora's boppy (her papaw). He had a stroke over the weekend and is in ICU. Ryan's (Cora's dad) family is extremely close and I know this is very difficult, so please remember them!

Night golf champs!!!

We had a night golf tournament over the weekend and my team finished 1st place. YEAH! It has been several years since we have won, so we were real excited. My dad and his team won last month and they talked a big talk, well atleast Boyd did, so we will be talking the big talk until someone can take us down. GO TEAM!

Sunday, August 30, 2009 sent in by customer

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' Photo shoot...Sassy Sadie

I bet someone chased some pigs here "back in the day"!

I think that the hike we took through all the "stuff" was sure worth the outcome. I love this look especially with this outfit. I hate that Rebekah had to get treatment on vacation :) . It was almost inevidible. You should have seen her legs by the end of the shoot and yes, I'm sure they looked good on the beach!
I appreciate it Rebekah and I would do it again to have these shots! I LOVE THESE OF SADIE!

My new addition to my Polkadaisies' room

Check out my chair that my mom had upholstered for me. I just love it! It looks so cute up in my work space. I think it screams Polkadaisies :)

Polkadaisies...chenille personalized name blanket

Sadie has "real" homework

Sadie came home Friday and the first thing out of her mouth was that she had "real homework".
She was so excited! She had a great week with the exception of PE. She is terrified of the new PE teacher. That is so uncharacteristic of her because she isn't very bashful and she didn't cry one day last year during preschool.

She hates getting up early and one day last week, as she was getting out of the bed, she looked at me and said "Why do I have to go to school? School is lame." I, of course, thought I had misunderstood her, but when I questioned it, she said it again. I don't think she thinks school is lame, but rather the getting up early part. She loves school once she gets there.

I love this picture for a number of reasons:
"Sadie"-I love seeing her name when she writes it. Their is just something about kids handwriting that I think is adorable.
bracelet-I love her bracelet because she has had it on since she was just a little over a week old.
fingernails-I love her fingernails because it reminds me of her and her daddy sitting in the bathroom, way past bedtime on a school night, painting her nails. He has painted them much more than I have. I guess you would say that it is "their thing". Usually that is a mother and daughter's thing, but not in my house.
pencil-she is writing with the only pencil that we could find in our house...a pencil from the golf course that they give away with score cards.

Polkadaisies...number shirt shirt

Friday, August 28, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' photo shoot...the girls of Southern Charm

I always LOVE Reagan's pictures. She sure is photogenic! Is it because her mom & dad are the photographers behind SCP or is that just luck! Maybe it's just good genes :) Photogenic, cute as a button, and full of sweetness...that's a full package! How lucky am I that SCP is photographing my clothing and that there kids are cute too! Now that's a package!

Miss Emmy is wearing the new t-shirt apron dress and doesn't she wear it well?

How do you like our prop? Richard's papaw bought this car new in 1954. We have had it stored in our basement for years, but it dawned on me one day that it would be perfect for our photo shoot and plus it is very sentimental. Richard adored his papaw and Nannie and I know that these pictures are even more special to him because of the memories he has of his Nannie and papaw, especially the ones of them taking him and his sister to get ice cream on Sundays in this car after church. We rode the kids around the neighborhood and they loved it. Gavin looked at the handle on the inside of the door and asked his daddy what it was. Neither one of my kids had ever seen roll up windows. hah ! I bet they will never see someone plow a garden with a mule and plow the way Richard's papaw did long after he could have done it with a tractor. I love hearing old stories of my family (I could do without hearing the one of my parents having to round up the pigs before going to school and how it was a walk up hill barefooted :) My dad really did have to chase the pigs! There is so much I still want to learn about my family so I can share stories with my kids, not that I Rich and I won't have our own stories, but I like the stories of how "family" was "back in the day". My mom came from a family of 9 (one of her sisters had 12 kids...yikes!) and my dad came from a family of 13. My kids will never get to experience life on a farm, out in the country, chasing pigs!