Friday, August 28, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' photo shoot...the girls of Southern Charm

I always LOVE Reagan's pictures. She sure is photogenic! Is it because her mom & dad are the photographers behind SCP or is that just luck! Maybe it's just good genes :) Photogenic, cute as a button, and full of sweetness...that's a full package! How lucky am I that SCP is photographing my clothing and that there kids are cute too! Now that's a package!

Miss Emmy is wearing the new t-shirt apron dress and doesn't she wear it well?

How do you like our prop? Richard's papaw bought this car new in 1954. We have had it stored in our basement for years, but it dawned on me one day that it would be perfect for our photo shoot and plus it is very sentimental. Richard adored his papaw and Nannie and I know that these pictures are even more special to him because of the memories he has of his Nannie and papaw, especially the ones of them taking him and his sister to get ice cream on Sundays in this car after church. We rode the kids around the neighborhood and they loved it. Gavin looked at the handle on the inside of the door and asked his daddy what it was. Neither one of my kids had ever seen roll up windows. hah ! I bet they will never see someone plow a garden with a mule and plow the way Richard's papaw did long after he could have done it with a tractor. I love hearing old stories of my family (I could do without hearing the one of my parents having to round up the pigs before going to school and how it was a walk up hill barefooted :) My dad really did have to chase the pigs! There is so much I still want to learn about my family so I can share stories with my kids, not that I Rich and I won't have our own stories, but I like the stories of how "family" was "back in the day". My mom came from a family of 9 (one of her sisters had 12 kids...yikes!) and my dad came from a family of 13. My kids will never get to experience life on a farm, out in the country, chasing pigs!

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