Thursday, August 13, 2009

My trip to Tampa Bay Florida

Where have I been...
Rich and I flew out to Tampa with our friends this past Thursday. Lee and Kim were celebrating their 10th anniversary and we were the lucky ones who got to come along. It's a trip that I will never forget and never want to, fun, fun! We got to stay on the boat until Monday and flew back home Monday evening.
This is what I woke up to every morning
We left the airport, dropped our bags off at the boat, and headed to the beach to watch the sunset.
check out the rainbow
There's nothing like watching the sun set on the beach
Riding on the front of a boat, out in the ocean, is something that I could get use to. Now swimming in the ocean is something I will never get use to. I watched too much "Shark Week" before we left.
There is some work to be done when you are taking the boat out, but Kim and I always found ourselves out on the front, enjoying the sun, and barking out orders to our "cabana boy".

This is where Kim and I spent most of our time
Rich and Lee


rough life...spent two hours in that tube

Rob and Elaine named their boat "Gozando el Sol" which means "fun in the sun"

We spent Saturday on the beach at Caddy's on Sunset Beach and it was an experience. Remember that new phase in my life that I have reached, well, this was just another sign. I had never felt so out of place in all my life. It was like a show that should be on MTV and a bit of "girls gone wild" rolled up in one. I think the guys enjoyed it much more than the gals because the next day we went by boat and the guys floated in to get a second round.

and there they go on their noodles LOL

Elaine and Rob

Rob let Rich behind the wheel for a little while and he loved it!

The crew
Lee, Kim, Elaine, Rob, me, and Rich

and here's one to give you a good laugh...I hope!
We ate at the Boardwalk several times and decided to have a little fun at the jukebox. We were playing some 80's music and we couldn't resist breaking out in a little dance...the robot!

When the sun goes down...
more to come of the concert we saw while in Tampa

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EGW said...

WOW!!! Now that will bust your toes off your feet**** PERFECT! I can't think of another word to describe the great job you did with the pictures. Did we have fun or what????? And if you listen real close to the wind you will hear Gozando saying come back, come back.....