Thursday, October 18, 2012

Polkadaisies...Instagram download (toy story Jessie, knot dress, baby gifts)

I absolutely love Toy Story so I was really excited to start working on Jessie.  She took forever because I used fabrics and paint but I am so pleased with how she turned out!  Jessie will be front row at Disney on Ice this week :)  
This dress isn't finished but here is a sneak peek.  I need to add a name and Dora applique' to finish it off.

Lots of baby gifts went out this week.  Got baby fever???
I do!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Break!

We sure have enjoyed our fall break down south with family! It will be tough getting back in the swing of things Monday. Lots will be shipping out first thing Monday. Thanks for your patience as I have enjoyed spending some quality time with my family.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Polkadaisies...custom big sister shirts, shorts, and skirts (little brother, big bother, little sister shirts)

Polkadaisies...custom school spirit shirts

 Look how cute the 1st grade teachers at LaFollette Elementary look!  
You girls ROCK!!!!

Polkadaisies...custom birthday outfit (number shirt, twirl skirt)

Polkadaisies...custom chevron Dora the Explorer outfit (dora shirt, ruffle pants) shirts

Polkadaisies...custom baby gifts (name blanket, burp cloth, bib, onesie) spirit hoodie

Polkadaisies...custom Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse outfits (Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's castle))