Saturday, April 30, 2011

Polkadaisies...ruffle dress

Polkadaisies...t-shirt dress

Polkadaisies...ruffle skirt and flower shirt

Polkadaisies...tie shirt

Polkadaisies...t-shirt dress

Polkadaisies...heavy equipment

Polkadaisies...80's roller skating birthday party

Happy Belated Birthday Milan!

Polkadaisies...number shirt and twirl skirt

Polkadaisies...number shirt shirt

The things kids say!

I haven't posted a picture of Daisy recently and I thought this was a cute one to share. She is enjoying the spring and was thrilled to make a trip to the lake this week. She is 1 1/2 years old now and still acts like a big ole' pup!

Richard and I have always tried to write down the funny and cute things that our kids say, but recently I have started to post some of them. We went hiking yesterday in the Smoky Mountains and as Gavin and I were going up the trail we noticed a bunch of trees that had fallen down. There were lots of trees but there were 3 or 4 really huge ones. I said, "Gavin, do you see those huge trees that have fallen?" He looked at me and said "Why wouldn't I see them?" I thought to myself, "well he does have a point". They weren't that far away and the only way you couldn't see them was if you were blind. So, I guess I asked him a silly question.
Sadie is terrified of storms so you can imagine how scared she was Wednesday during the bad weather. The kids had gymnastics in Knoxville and it looked like everything was pretty calm so we went on. It was still raining a little with some lightning when we left. On the way there she said "I'm scared with my eyes open and I'm scared with my eyes shut. Just get me to a shelter!"

Polkadaisies...spring knot dress and ruffle pants

Polkadaisies...bunny shirt

Polkadaisies...Mark Martin shirt

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sadie and Gavin (also pictured: flap, hop, and quacker)

Gavin is all boy but he was terrified of "flap" the chick!
I get so tickled every time I see Gavin put his hands in his pockets which is quiet often. You don't normally see little ones stand with their hands in their pockets but every time he has pants or shorts on with pockets you will see his hands in his. I don't know that it is a complete natural thing for him. I am constantly telling him to keep his hands to himself when we are around other kids (because he plays rough) and I think this has something to do with him trying to mind his mommy!
My girl loved all the little ones. She couldn't wait to play with them!
The kids were so excited about the Easter bunny coming this year but I was excited about getting all these pictures of my kiddos. The anticipation of seeing adorable pictures of your kiddos from SCP is a given and then they come and what you get is such a gift. There is nothing like it and I am always amazed at Rebekah's work! Thank you Rebekah! To check out more of her work click "here".

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Polkadaisies...t-shirt dress

SCP Rocks!
Thanks Rebekah for the great pictures of our T-shirt dress!
You have a way of making things look great!
So often I think that pictures don't do our items justice, but these sure do!
Check out Southern Charm Portraits

The things kids say!

We have had a great weekend here at the Cox household. I hated the cold weather Saturday, but we made the best of it! First on our agenda was the egg hunt at church. The kids were so excited and even though it was held inside, it was still exciting for them. We arrived a little late, which is not surprising, but the fun was just getting started. I sent the kids on their way and went to sit down and catch my breath. I get so wound up trying to get everyone ready that once I get somewhere, I am exhausted. There is something about going to church though. We are always running behind and the kids are not cooperative at all when getting ready. I guess you could say it's the devil! was lots of fun!
The kids found eggs, ate cotton candy and other goodies, and played on the bounce house.
Gavin even...
Won the Prize Egg!
I wish I could have caught a picture of his face when he came into the room to show me his prize egg. He was so proud and I was so happy for him. After the egg hunt we took the kids to eat and then to see a movie. It was between Hop and Rio. Easy decision since Rio was sold out and plus we were in the whole "Bunny" theme today so Hop was a good movie to see. I give it a thumbs up. We all enjoyed it! After we left the movies, we made a trip to Walmart and the kids hopped all the way through the store. Walmart with two kids is bad enough, but when they are bunnies, it's even worse!

Boy, I love this little guy!
My kids say some of the funniest things. On our way home from the movies the kids were on a role. Richard and I were talking about something that happened while we were dating and Gavin responded with "when I was dead?". Rich said, "No, you weren't born yet." Gavin said, "Then I was dead!" The next thing out of Sadie's mouth was "Daddy, can you turn down the heat because I am smokin' hot and feel like I have water in my arm pits." Richard and I were busting! I thought the kids might fall asleep on the way home, but they didn't. The promised game of Monopoly looked like it was a must!

Sunday morning we went to church and Gavin got my attention again. After the announcements, the pastor came up front and said "It's good to have everyone in God's house this morning." Gavin looked at me and said "It's not God's house." I said, "Yes, it is GOd's house." Gavin (not whispering at ALL) said "No! If it was God's house, he would be here!"

After church, we spent the day out in the sunshine! I hate that the weekend is over, but it was great while it lasted and I am even closer to spring break!

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