Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break 2012...a trip to see family in Florida

We couldn't wait to head south for Spring Break. It is always crazy here trying to get everything finished up so we can head out for a few days, but it is always worth it to spend time with family.
A day at the beach is always nice! I hear that as my feet were in the sand and I was soaking up some sunshine, it was hailing and storming back home. I guess it was a good day to be at the beach!
We also took the kids to the Jacksonville Zoo while we were away.
Gavin buddied up pretty quickly with my Uncle Paul.
Rough day on the golf course...

We did a little shopping and Sadie was loving the shoes. She has her mommy's feet so she can almost wear a ladies size 5. She enjoys all of the display shoes :)
There was lots of fishing since my aunt and uncle live on the water
lots of alligator sightings. You can even see one just to the left of the tiny palm tree.
Didn't take the kids long to warm up to my precious Aunt June. I love her dearly and am so thankful that my kids got to spend time with her.
We definitely won't wait as long in between trips next time.