Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mickey & Minnie

We couldn't go to Disney World without me making Mickey & Minnie outfits! We bought the kids mickey crocs and as you can see, Gavin couldn't take his eyes off from them. He even slept in them the first night.

Polkadaisies Jo Jo outfit

Sadie was a big fan of Jo Jo and couldn't wait to meet her!

Polkadaisies initial tee

Couldn't leave Gavin out. I made him an initial tee to match his sissy!

A day with Cinderella

The "lots o' dots" outfit that Sadie is wearing in these pictures was for our day at Cinderella's castle and boutique.

Halloween twirl skirt and tee

This was an outfit I made Sadie last year, but she was able to wear it again this year. That is the great thing about skirts. I have found that Sadie can still wear skirts that she wore when she was 2. She's getting taller, but not bigger around.

Tennessee vs Georgia

The range of fans that surround me on any given Saturday are very interesting. Considering I live in Tennessee, and have for most of my life, I am a Tennessee fan. However, I was born in Kentucky and have been surrounded by Kentucky fans my entire life. I find that I am still a Kentucky fan as well. My husband, who has lived here his entire life, is for whoever is playing against Tennessee. Gotta know Richard and it would explain everything. My sister-in-law married a die hard Georgia fan and has become one herself. My closest friends are true Tennessee fans and there isn't a bigger one that my best friend Andrea. The jeans shown in the picture were made for a true Tennessee fan because only a true fan would wear them when Tennessee is having a horrible season. I made the Georgia outfit for my niece, but Sadie had to model it for pictures.

Polkadaisies "my pillow"

Who's pillow? We all know who's pillow this is and what kid doesn't love to have their name on their stuff. I have made this pillow for several birthday presents and finally made one for Sadie (after many attemps by her to claim the others). This pillow measures approximately 14" x 23". I will try to keep it the same size, but if it is a large name, I will probably go a little bigger to make the name look better. Adorable for all ages! I have added some custom pillows that I have made for customers.

Polkadaisies "my pillow"

Dress up time!

I would like you to meet Susie. Susie is my mom's best friend's dog. We sometimes claim her because she is at our house so much. I can describe Susie in a few words: STUBBORN, STUBBORN, STUBBORN! We love her though, especially Sadie. I came home from work last week and asked Richard where Sadie was and his response was that she was upstairs in her boutique with Susie locked in. I instantly had a smile on my face. At that moment, Sadie came down the steps with Susie diligently following behind with her head held high. I almost didn't notice Susie's crown because I was so hung up on Sadie's outfit. She had on her panties, a boa, an Easter hat, pink gloves, and high hills. Her walk is what got me the most. Her face was confident as she stood proud before me, but the walk of a 4 year old in heels was priceless. She knew what I was thinking and proceeded to walk on outside so I could get their picture.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheerleading competition

I recently had the privelage of creating some jeans for a group of girls who cheer competitively. The girls are trained at the local Twist n Shout facility and are a part of the Magic Stars team. The girls were traveling this past weekend and wanted matching jeans to wear to school the day before they left. I can't wait to see a picture of them together!

Boo at the Zoo

Richard & I took our super heroes to "BOO at the ZOO" this past Thursday for the first time. It was a lot of fun! I had every intention to make the kids' costumes this year, but when Sadie saw this in a magazine, she just had to have it. Gavin loves Batman, so I thought it would be cute.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the Mountains of Tennessee

The mountains in Tennessee are just amazing this time of year! We have been fortunate enough to visit Gatlinburg twice in the past month. Our visits start at the outlets. I love a good deal! We are usually pretty consistent with our other stops as well: Olive Garden to eat, go-carts so I can beat Richard and which ever one of the kids that has to ride with him, swimming at the motel, late trip to the candy and popcorn shop, early morning swim, picnic in the mountains, climbing rocks in the water, and a quiet ride home with two sleeping kids! We did try hiking on our trip before last, and since we didn't go this time, I'm sure you can imagine it wasn't what we expected. The trail was a total of 2.6 miles and the kids walked maybe .3 of the hike. The rest of the way we CARRIED them. The funny thing is that we didn't go prepared because it was our first trip with the kids. We learned a lot. TAKE A STROLLER!!!
I was prepared for the cold though, but it wasn't cold. I dressed the kids like the temperature was going to drop 20 degrees and I even had Richard wearing jeans and he never wears pants! The sight of him hiking with Gavin on his shoulders, sweat rolling off his face, and sporting a pair of jeans was almost too much! We laughed all the way home over him wearing jeans to hike. If we hike again with kids, I can assure you we will be better prepared!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Super Hero

This boy stuff is all new to me because we have lived in a pink world for such a long time. It has been difficult for me to make my son things because once you go all out with a little girl its hard to tone it down for a little boy. His blonde curls and blue eyes are very deceiving. As my Aunt June said "he is too cute to be rough." Boy did she miss it. I have never been around a kid that is as rough as Gavin. You can not look away for a minute, because if you do, you are sure to get a surprise!

Pumpkin Patch

We recently took the day off from work and spent some time at the pumpkin patch. I always look forward to Fall and all the festivities that come along with it. Each year we go to the pumpkin patch it gets better and better. This year they had added the sand area. Yeah, sand at the pumpkin patch! My kids loved it. Sadie's favorite part is still the corn box. Who would have thought that playing in a box of corn kernels would be so entertaining for a 4 yr old. Gavin was so proud of his "g" shirt and Miss Sadie loved her spider pants that she helped design. Richard and I were exhausted from trying to get a picture of the two of them together, but managed to get a couple cute ones.