Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dress up time!

I would like you to meet Susie. Susie is my mom's best friend's dog. We sometimes claim her because she is at our house so much. I can describe Susie in a few words: STUBBORN, STUBBORN, STUBBORN! We love her though, especially Sadie. I came home from work last week and asked Richard where Sadie was and his response was that she was upstairs in her boutique with Susie locked in. I instantly had a smile on my face. At that moment, Sadie came down the steps with Susie diligently following behind with her head held high. I almost didn't notice Susie's crown because I was so hung up on Sadie's outfit. She had on her panties, a boa, an Easter hat, pink gloves, and high hills. Her walk is what got me the most. Her face was confident as she stood proud before me, but the walk of a 4 year old in heels was priceless. She knew what I was thinking and proceeded to walk on outside so I could get their picture.

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