Wednesday, December 30, 2009 sent in by customers

sadie likes to sport her uggs and converse with her tutus, but I think the pink cowboy boots are adorable!

The soon to be big sis...Miss Blakelee.
I can't wait to meet baby brother!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009 sent in by customers

This family ROCKS!!!
They went to Disney Live. Don't they look adorable!!!
Mr. Ty had a Mickey Mouse birthday party

Thanks Brandi! Glad you got sis in there and I hope she is doing well!

Our Christmas

The kids were checking to make sure Santa came
Sadie believes! You can see it in her eyes. Poor Gavin is still sleepy.
Santa brought them drums and a guitar. I asked Sadie what she was going to name her band and she said "Rock". So there you have Rock Band!

My girl loves and I mean LOVES icecream so we thought she would enjoy having her own ice cream maker. I bet this will head to the houseboat in the summer.
Check out Gavin's new smile when you ask him to say cheese. I just noticed him doing it over Christmas.

Polkadaisies...custom baby gown and ribbon beanie

Polkadaisies...custom birthday twirl outfit

Polkadaisies...custom name hoodie sent in by customers sent in by customers

Thanks for sending in the pictures Courtney! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip to Disney World for Christmas!

I love them to the moon and back!

quick update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely behind on answering emails, so if I haven't gotten back to you, hang in there. I have three orders that I must finish today and ship out, so I will get back to emails later on this evening.

Here is an update on what I will be finishing up today:
Ava Claire's birthday outfit

Camille's twirl birthday outfit

Name shirts for Taylor and Kenzie

One more thing...the best way to contact me is through the website, especially if you are wanting to order something. I have had orders through facebook that I don't always see in a timely manner, so if you want to order something, please send it through the website. It is still under construction but it is still the best way to get your order placed or have any questions answered.

I want to be a...

Here are a couple of gifts the kids received from their Nannie and Papaw. My mom started giving Sadie one gift on each day of December when she was barely big enough to open the gifts. I told mom that it would be a good time to stop the tradition this year since there are two, but she didn't. Sadie and Gavin looked forward to opening their gift each day (who wouldn't, right?).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting ready for dinner at Nannie and Papaw's

Sadie loves to bake! She made brownies to take up to her Nannie and Papaw's house. Obviously, she had a little help from her brother. sent in by customer

Mr. Rylan is a familiar face to Polkadaisies. He was recently seen wearing a turkey shirt. I would love to get my hands on this little fella. He is such a cutie! sent in by customers

Check out Miss Ella in her Polkadaisies' turkey shirt. Thanks for the picture Nichole! sent in by customers

The new addition to our family...Miss Daisy

Meet the new addition to our family...Miss Daisy! Richard and I have debated and debated for a good year or so on whether or not to get a new dog. We have always had dogs, but once we lost all three of our dogs within a year (ages 13, 15, and 16) we couldn't hardly bare the thoughts of getting attached to another one. Santa had something else in mind for us though. Daisy was on our doorstep in a great big box a few days before Christmas. He had to deliver it early because it was missing its mommy and couldn't ride in the sleigh with all the toys. The kids had done such a good job puppy sitting a few weeks earlier that he thought the perfect home was here with them. The minute they saw the puppy, I knew it was the perfect decision. Sadie plays with her around the clock. She is the sweetest thing!

Polkadaisies...lounge sets

These sets were made for Olivia and Ashlyn. The girls came by one evening and picked out their fabrics themselves. I think they did a great job!

Check out these adorable little mice that Miss Olivia gave me when I delivered her pajamas to her and her sister. Too cute!