Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it snow!

I had a little time to blog today, as you can see, but only because I was stuck waiting on my daughter's Christmas performance to begin. If I could have hooked my sewing machine up in the car some how, I probably would have because I am having one of those weeks. It all started late one night last week (it's all a blur). I had worked all evening and late in the night my sewing machine started doing some crazy things. I fooled with it some and just decided to call it a night since it was so late. I guess I thought it would just fix itself during the night. I went on to bed and had planned on sleeping in, until I heard the laughter of my kids. They were scrambling to get their coats and gloves on because it had SNOWED!!! WOO HOO! I perked right up and then Rich and I started cooking breakfast as the kids played. In the midst of all the fun, I remembered the fact that my machine was acting weird and thought, instead of stressing about it, I would just go and check it. BIG MISTAKE! The more I tried to see what was wrong, the crazier it acted. Talk about stressed. I had so many things to do and had lined up some help that was ready to go around lunch time. I called someone I knew in town to come and look at it and he came right away. I'm sweating bullets by this time. Then I got the news that there was nothing he could do. You know what that meant? Well, I did! That meant a trip to Knoxville and my day shot!!!! Rich and I loaded up and headed that way with the machine. Our first stop was not good. They couldn't get to it, as I had anticipated, so I had decided to buy another one until I found out that they don't make my machine any more. I didn't have the extra time to get use to a new machine so I opted for option 2. They sent me to another place after telling me it didn't look good for my machine. It was worth the shot even though they told us over the phone that they couldn't get to it. I walked in and gave it all I had. Smiling when all I wanted to do was cry. I gave him my big spill and he so kindly said that they would see what they could do. Three hours later...I was able to leave with my machine. The man was very kind and told me that after taking it apart three times, they finally got it working. BUT...he told me that I should start looking for a new one! I asked if mine was worn out and he laughed and said yes and that I had done a great job at it too. Since I had 3 hours to kill, I was able to pick out the mack daddy of sewing machines. Please make it until after Christmas ole' faithful and you will have a friend soon. So...needless to say, I didn't get everything that I had planned on finishing out on Monday, but I am back at it tonight. I am finishing the last of the Christmas shirts and outfits. I have a couple of BIG orders to send to Naples this week, so please be patient with me if I don't answer your emails promptly. I will do better once I get through this week. I think!!!

If you haven't noticed yet, go check out my website.

It is still under construction, but I am getting real excited about it. If you ever need to email me, you can now click on the "contact" button and email me directly.

I will be posting more items tomorrow!

Sadie with an armful of snow...

Gavin with snow over his head!

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Chantena said...

Your site is looking fab, good luck with the awesome new machine!
Have a hppy holidays