Sunday, January 15, 2012

Polkadaisies...Valentine's Day outfit

I made this outfit for Sadie and she couldn't wait to try it on so I thought we would take some pictures.
I made it with the intentions of being able to wear the skirt on past February and plus I'm loving the hints of blues mixed in with pinks and reds. I will posts some pictures of some shirts I made to go with it that could be worn on through summer a little bit later.
I would have loved to have been at the Southern Charm Studio letting Rebekah do her thing with this outfit but hopefully I can squeeze it in the next time we have pictures made. I am really liking the whole combo and plus, I used a mixture of all these colors in my house so it would make some really cute wall art :)
Get ready Rebekah...we are gonna have to book a mini session with you :)

Polkadaisies...custom baby blanket and burp cloth

Blanket is 36" X 30"

Polkadaisies...Big brother shirts and Little brother

Big Bro #1

Big Bro #2

lil' bro