Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photography by Southern Charm Portraits

A big thank you to Rebekah for taking the kids pictures and making us some super cute Christmas cards this year.
I find myself always at the last minute making my kids things and this year was no different. I thought I would share a little info on how I went about getting their outfits together the night before.
I always start with Sadie's and then try to tie Gavin's in some way. This year I started with her skirt. I hadn't ever made this one and she loves all of these fabrics so I decided to go horizontal with the piecing and threw a pocket on. The shirt was a big debate and I wanted something I hadn't made before so I decided to make a Christmas tree out of some t-shirt fabric. Sadie insisted on a Christmas tree and that is what she got. Here's the funny part. I couldn't find any socks or legging at the last minute and since it was after midnight when I started on this, there was nowhere to get any. So...I had this striped t-shirt and cut the sleeves off to make her leggings. I used the finished end for the top and the raw edges are down in her boots. You would have never known that, would you? I then took the rest of the shirt and made Gavin's circle for his shirt. I had to use my resources for his outfit because all of his jeans are too short. The only thing I knew to do was to let him wear a pair of Sadie's. I hemmed them and they worked for pictures. Thankfully the shirt hung down long so you couldn't see the pockets. That would have been a sure give-a-way that they were girls. haha! The waist was big and since he doesn't have a belt, he wore one of mine from forever21. LOL! He never knew what was going on or he would have NEVER wore those for pictures. I spiced their stuff up with some layering and was happy with all the colors.

Gavin: "next year I'm gonna ask for a xylophone. No, next year I'm gonna get one of those DJ thingies. Isn't it called a turntable mommy?"

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