Saturday, January 14, 2012

Polkadaisies...Mickey & Minnie Mounse shirts for Disney World

I have been a big time slacker when it comes to blogging here lately. I took me a good little break the week after Christmas and I am slowly trying to get back in to our routine. My camera has also been messed up and with all of the chaos that comes along with preparing for Christmas and getting all the Christmas orders out in time, I just let the pictures go. I did take pictures of the new designs I had made once I got my camera working but little did I know I had forgotten to put my memory card in. Typical stuff around here. Luckily, I realized it when I took the battery out to charge on Christmas Eve or I would have been sick to my stomach not having pictures of my kiddos on Christmas.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. I'm excited about 2012 and look forward to the days ahead, especially those fun, cozy, snow days. The one I got yesterday was LOVELY!!!!

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