Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eva & Sadie

I got so tickled when I came across this picture on my phone. Here is Eva and Sadie wearing their jean jackets just a couple days after Richard gave me a hard time about my new white Lucky Jean Jacket that I bought on sale last week. WHAT? Who doesn't like a jean jacket? I love my jeans and I love my jean jacket with almost everything. I don't wear it with jeans normally, but I wear it with most everything else. I always thought it looked cute and I figured since I have worn them FOREVER that Rich liked them too since he has not mentioned that he didn't in the past 17 years. Hmmm...I'm learning new stuff about him all the time even though I thought I knew everything about him! Oh, he just informed me that he did like them at one time, but that was ten years ago. Is he saying that jean jackets are out?

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