Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sadie and Gavin (also pictured: flap, hop, and quacker)

Gavin is all boy but he was terrified of "flap" the chick!
I get so tickled every time I see Gavin put his hands in his pockets which is quiet often. You don't normally see little ones stand with their hands in their pockets but every time he has pants or shorts on with pockets you will see his hands in his. I don't know that it is a complete natural thing for him. I am constantly telling him to keep his hands to himself when we are around other kids (because he plays rough) and I think this has something to do with him trying to mind his mommy!
My girl loved all the little ones. She couldn't wait to play with them!
The kids were so excited about the Easter bunny coming this year but I was excited about getting all these pictures of my kiddos. The anticipation of seeing adorable pictures of your kiddos from SCP is a given and then they come and what you get is such a gift. There is nothing like it and I am always amazed at Rebekah's work! Thank you Rebekah! To check out more of her work click "here".

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