Sunday, August 23, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' photo shoot...lemonade anyone?

I made this halter top and skirt for Sadie and something about it screamed "lemonade" to me, so when it got closer to the photo shoot I went on a hunt for a lemonade stand. I didn't have much luck, so I put it on Richard's list. We had an old table that we kept on the porch, so we decided just to use it to save some time because we waited until the day before to start on it. I had originally planned to just add a canopy to the top of it but my dad's wheels started rolling. I turned it over to him with Richard's assistance and this is what I got. I stayed up that night and added some stripes and polka dots and then sewed the canopy and front curtain. I think it turned out much better than I had anticipated, thanks to my dad, and the kids had so much fun with it. Sadie meant business and I mean BUSINESS. She barely moved out from behind it for some pictures. I must say she came home with some extra cash :)

Look how sweet! This is Miss Emmy's debut with Polkadaisies. She also lives a sweet life over on Southern Charm Portraits. I was so glad that she could join us this time. I could just eat her up! A lot was going on around her with the bigger kids, but she just sat there enjoying her lemon. Atleast for a little while :)

I love this one of Reagan. So cute, especially that hand up as she sips the lemonade.
all business


Brandi said...

Love the pics... adorable!!! You are awesome at what you do!!

Becky said...

Thank you Brandi! I have had a bad day and hearing that made it alot better :)