Friday, August 21, 2009

Polkadaisies & Southern Charm Portraits' photo shoot...The big "G"

This is my favorite one of Gavin (aka Mr. Hold My Feet) because SCP caught the look that I am so lucky to see day in and day out. Pure sweetness! He is rowdy and hard to handle, as my followers have heard me say before, but he can be the sweetest thing ever too!
Gavin loves his "G" shirt! I had made this a while back, but it went better with his new shorts than anything I could make, so we went with it! I made these shorts a couple of hours before we left for the shoot, but they are one of my favorite things I have made Gavin. I am all about long shorts, especially when they are madras plaid!
The cape, oh the cape! I had to come up with something that would get Gavin's attention so SCP could get some cute pictures of him, so I went with the cape. He is all about superheroes, so I thought this might do it, and it did. The trick was not letting him wear it until the picture taking started. Bribery worked with him this time :) We also made it a point to do his pictures first because we new he wouldn't last long.

Personalized custom capes $40
Check out that fence! Perfect for Gavin's outfit!

I see meaness here, don't you?

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