Saturday, November 8, 2008

Polkadaisies tooth fairy pillow

Every little boy or girl needs a tooth fairy pillow, but mine needed one much sooner than to be expected. One morning while laying in the bed, my daughter roles over and says “mommy my tooth came out.” I was not completely surprised because it had been loose. I initially thought she may have hit it and made it loose and that it would tighten back up. I called four dentist because Sadie had just turned 4 a few months earlier. I wasn’t prepared for the tooth fairy and hadn’t even talked to Sadie about it. At that moment I knew what would be on my agenda for the day…a tooth fairy pillow! I created this pillow to not only lay under her pillow, but to hang on the door of her room and to carry to the store to buy something with her money. I love the fact that it can hang in her room or lay on her bed. You never know when you will need it. Within a couple of weeks her baby brother knocked out tooth number 2!

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