Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Sadie!

Sadie was born on April 7, 2004. Her daddy wore pink to celebrate the big day.
Sadie Grace Cox
Sadie's 1st birthday
We didn't have a theme, just lots of polkadots!

I love that her birthday is close to Easter. Here she is at 2, wearing her bunny ears.
Her second birthday was all about Jojo's circus.

Here she is at 3. Our theme was bunnies. Her birthday fell a day or two before Easter and we planned on having an Easter Egg hunt, but IT SNOWED!

Sadie's 4th birthday was a tea party. She dressed for the event!
Above is her 5th birthday just before the party started.
Today was her 6th birthday and we took her out to eat. We let her pick and she decided on Wasabi Japanese Steak house. Her cousin Cora was there, along with other family, to help us celebrate. We will be having her a party on Saturday and she is so excited. I now know why mom quit having me birthday parties once I wasn't too into it any more. They are soooo much work!

Happy Birthday Sadie!!!!
We love you!

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