Thursday, April 1, 2010

Polkadaisies...madras plaid coastal boy shorts and number shirt

Introducing my pride and joy...Gavin
I'm sure you have noticed that Sadie has many more pictures and outfits than Gavin, but it's not because we love him any less. It's just that he does not like having his picture made. It has always been difficult to get pictures of him, so any that I do get, I love. Everyone always says that it is just because he's the second child. I use to tease my mom all the time because there are so many more pictures of my older brother than of myself. In her defense, she would always say that every time she would take me, I would cry. I never cooperated, therefore, she stopped taking me. I now see where she is coming from. It is exhausting and frustrating to get Gavin to cooperate. He did do much better this time, so maybe next time he will get two outfits instead of one. ha ha!
The picture above is definately my favorite one of Gavin during this shoot. I love that Rebekah captured that look because that is just "Gavin".

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