Saturday, October 29, 2011

Team day at school means "Go Big Blue" for us two!!!

Sadie and I broke out the blue for "Team Day" at school. Yes, I am a Kentucky fan. I was born in Kentucky, my parents are from Kentucky, and our family has always loved the Big Blue!
I must say that there are not many Kentucky fans where I work. Sadie and I were the only ones supporting UK and we were booed when we walked in to assembly on Friday. LOL! I must say that I do love Tennessee and will cheer for the big orange as well. I choose to live in the state of Tennessee and raise my children here so how could I not support them!? I guess we sorta ride the fence and I think that's fair! Support your roots (never forget were you come from) and be proud of where you live!

Just for the record...I have become a bit of a Texas fan as well. I even purchased a pair of Texas shorts. How could I not support a state that shows so much love to Polkadaisies? The majority of the items I ship out each day go to Texas so thank you to all my Texas followers!!

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