Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How much junk is too much? Gatlinburg trip

We took a trip to Gatlinburg on Monday to enjoy a little family time and all we did was "junk it up" as Sadie would say. We usually make a stop at the outlets, but on this trip we went straight to the candy store. The kids love this place, as any kid would. Just look at all the candy! I have to say, I picked out some for myself and stashed it in Gavin's bag. I don't know how, but Sadie came out of there with two bags. Wait! I do know how. Her daddy was in charge of her :) This was the kids highlight of the trip.

Our second stop, which was just a few shops down, was to purchase Karmelkorn. My favorite! Richard and I don't drive through Gatlinburg without making a stop here. Delicious!
One big tub of popcorn would have been just fine if I didn't have three kids. Just look at them. They each had to have their own.
How fun was it to put on a bathing suit after eating all that junk :( Didn't seem to bother anyone other than ME!
We swam until 8pm and got up the next morning and swam some more. Burning off some of those calories so we could eat more. The first stop after leaving the motel was Krispy Kreme. Melts in you mouth. Rich and Gavin had 2 eaten before I could even get my camera out.

I have heard soooooo much about the Bass Pro Shop and Richard reeeeeeally wanted to stop, so we did. I was very disappointed. I didn't see one item that was pink or polka dotted. Just not my kind of store. I did however enjoy sitting on the bench in front of the Starbucks watching the fish. The store is nothing but "outdoorsie" stuff. What might you think we came out of there with? A water balloon sling shot, two bags of candy, and a koozie.

Rich had to leave with something!

Last stop before going home. Can you believe someone could eat everything that we ate and not be sick?

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