Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I was an owl but now I am a cardinal!

I live in a small town and have since I was just around 3yrs old. It is very strange that within the short drive from one end of town to the interstate there are three different cities...LaFollette, Jacksboro, and Caryville. I have always lived in LaFollette and always went to school in LaFollette and was thrilled when the little school I first went to as a child and first taught at was being closed and a new school was being built. Who wouldn't want to work in a new school?! A new school meant a new school name and a new mascot. It only made since that we became LaFollette Elementary since our middle school was LaFollette Middle School. We also took the same mascot...Owls. It was great! We went from the Trojans (yes, can you believe that was our mascot?) to the owls. Even better, owls were becoming really popular in the fashion world so it meant that we had a lot more options when it came to supporting our school. Well, as much as I loved the new school and as much as I loved the people I worked with, I made the choice to change schools this year. That means...
a new school, new colleagues, a longer drive, and a new mascot!

I am now a cardinal! Yes, I am a Caryville Cardinal and I am going to have to start working on a cute cardinal because this fellow is just too mean for me. Hopefully, I can come up with something before August so I can show my spirit at my new school.

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Chantena said...

Congrats! thats awesome!