Sunday, January 23, 2011 sent in by customers

I am amazed at all the detail that was put into this party and I have anticipated seeing pictures of these three little girls since their mother ordered their dresses. I just loved the idea of getting to put turquoise, red, and pink together for fun t-shirt dresses that would be worn at a circus party. I can't imagine the time that went in to planning this birthday party as you can imagine after looking at the pictures below, but I'm sure the payoff was well worth it. The person behind this big event is Laura at Cupcakes and Lemonade. Click HERE and head over to check out her blog. She has some adorable ideas. Thanks Laura for sharing the pictures from your little ones' circus party. I just loved everything!

Check out all of these goodies...YUMMY!

1, 2, 3 GIRLS! WOw! I would never make it out of the house on time.

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