Monday, January 17, 2011

My birthday...

I had a wonderful birthday with Rich and the kids. It was nice having the day off from teaching because of MLK day especially when my birthday falls on it. I slept in a little, well maybe a lot, and then we hung out at the house for a while. We headed out for Knoxville around 3:00 and our first stop was the jewelry store. Sadie and Gavin wanted to pick me out some Pandora charms for my birthday. I had to go across the store and sit while they picked them out and had them gift wrapped. Sadie really enjoys and puts a lot of thought into what she picks out. She is definitely sentimental like her mommy. I was excited to see what she and Gavin decided on. Gavin and I waited on her and Rich while they went to have them wrapped and I hollered at Sadie and asked her which ones she picked ( I was going to get me one while I waited on them), but she hollered back that she wasn't telling. Gavin laughed and came close to me and said that he knew what they had..."a turtle". I thought, hey, a turtle will be great(because she picked it otherwise I wouldn't consider myself a fan of turtles) but what would be the story behind a turtle. There is always a story when Sadie buys someone a charm. Example: She bought my mom one that had a cross, heart, and anchor on it. The salesman asked her how she decided and she told him that the cross would remind her nanny of God, the heart would remind her that she loved her, and the anchor would remind her of Columbus and the mayflower. HAHA! I opened my gift later and it was not a turtle as Gavin had said. Imagine that? She picked out the wedding cake (could be a birthday cake) and the baby carriage. When I opened them she told me that she knew I would like the cake since it was my birthday and that it could also remind me of my wedding. She said that she picked the baby carriage to remind me of when she and Gavin were babies. She is so thoughtful! I have a bracelet full of stories and reminders that her, Gavin, and her Daddy have given me. That's what I love about a Pandora bracelet!
After leaving the jewelry store, we made a couple of stops and then headed to Bonefish. I had thought about it all day. It was delicious as always!

I have often not even wanted to acknowledge my birthdays and just let them pass on by because of loving my 20's and wanting to stay there, but I have a different outlook on them these days. I have definitely left my 20's and am in my 30's but I will acknowledge and celebrate them each year while being very thankful for each and every one I get to celebrate. Happy Birthday to me!!!