Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loving snow days!

snowball fight!

the kids giggled and giggles throwing snowballs at nannie :)

looks like Sadie got one right in the tush
it's all fun until Sadie gets Gavin in the face

We had so much fun sledding down the hill at the golfcourse. I almost chickened out but me and sis made a trip down. I liked to have not made it back up though. What a workout! Rich made several trips down and even rode the orange disc down. Hilarious! I even lost $100 betting with him that he couldn't run all the way up the hill. He did and even kept standing once he made it up. My mom and dad came along to watch, but mom even made a trip down. I couldn't believe she did it. She made that little girl scream on her way down just like I did jumping off the rocks at the lake. After sledding we came home and made a snowman then headed up to mom and dad's for hot chocolate and supper. It was such a great day! When I layed down that night all I could think about was how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. We are very close and do things together often, but the memories we made Monday will certainly be cherished and thought of often.

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