Saturday, January 1, 2011


We had a great snow and look how little Daisy was :)

Rich celebrated his 40th birthday
The kids went bowling for the first time.
This was probably one of our few trips to the's just easier on line.
We worked many days building our new houseboat.

Polkadaisies' photo shoot with SCP in March


Sadie's 6th birthday
The year she didn't have her 2 front teeth :)

silly bands

the beach with family
many blessings from my wonderful parents

the kids learning to ski

great times on the lake with friends

me jumping like I'm 16 again

Gavin's 4th birthday

Some things never change :)
Daddy's girl!

I've loved having Sadie in my class and I will always remember this spelling test!

Fall fun!


Family Pictures with SCP

Weekend in the Smoky Mountains with family.

17th Wedding Anniversary

Christmas 2010

Happy New Year!

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Paige said...

such sweet memories....and your kids are always lookind Adorable!! love the heart photo collage too...we did that last year for my husband's valentines gift!