Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Polkadaisies..."Tea for Two"

A part of being a little girl is having tea parties and how great would it be to have a sister to always join in on the fun! Reagan: halter top, ruffle capris, and flower hair clip

Emmy: tank top dress and ruffle capris

This was the next to the last set that Rebekah shot and although we were getting toward the end, I got my second wind when I seen these two having tea.

These pictures are so precious because it is just two sisters doing what little girls do. The only time Rebekah stepped in was to tell them when to start on the cupcakes. We just stood back and watched them do their thing!

I arrived at the shoot to find Rebekah's dad sitting in the driveway glueing some of Rebekah's fine china finds back together. I felt so bad for him and her because I know she had went through a lot of trouble getting all the stuff together and I know he hadn't planned on sitting there for that length of time putting the pieces back together. So, if we have to say that there were any bumps in the road, that is the only one we had and since it still all came together anyways, I would say it was still a complete success!

I think Emmy was pretty excited for her mother to give her the green light on the cupcake :)

I will share the last set with you soon :)

photography by

Southern Charm Portraits


alexandra said...

Did you make the pennant banner? It's super cute!

Becky said...

Yes, I made it.