Monday, June 20, 2011

Polkadaisies..."Mulberry Street"

Here you get to see Miss Willow's other half...her twin brother Walker. Aren't they the sweetest things! I melted when they walked up the driveway to meet me and they were holding hands. I've always thought twins were such a special thing and you can see it with these two. No longer than I was around them you could just tell they have a bond!

Willow: bella t-shirt, ruffle skirt, and custom headpiece

Walker: tie and shorts

I'm like Rebekah when I say that I was so excited about this set. Rebekah had told me about the newspapers but when I walked down during the shoot and saw it all put together I was beside myself. It was so perfect. I mean EVERYTHING was perfect. I love the newpapers with the colors of the outfit. I love the old gate in the background. I love the blue of the lantern. I love the suitcases and I love how these two cuties modeled the "Mulberry Street" outifts.

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