Monday, June 13, 2011

Polkadaisies...2011 photo shoot

I have been so excited about this year's photo shoot with Southern Charm Portraits. I gave Rebekah fabric swatches a week or so before the shoot and I could not believe what all she came up with. Everything you see, other than the outfits, was all SCP. Well, almost everything. All these cuties that participated would have to be credited to someone else (minus her three cuties), but I take my hat off for everything she came up with. We have done a few shoots in the past and I continue to be amazed at her work. She couldn't give me a straight answer on whether or not to do two fabrics or just one on the pillows in one of the upcoming sets (ha ha!), but when it comes to the camera and the work that goes into making beautiful portraits she has all the answers.

You will have to keep checking back here for much more to come. I am SOOOOO excited to share them with you. We hope to post more each day. If you are over anxious you can jump over to Southern Charm Portraits and take a peek at more. She is a little ahead of me on posting.

Up first is Miss Laila! She is modeling the "By the Sea" halter dress with a custom "By the Sea" headpiece. Is she a doll!

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