Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Polkadaisies...Rise & Shine tank top dress and ruffle capris

I can't tell you how much time Rebekah spent working on props. I was so thankful that she spent a couple of those evening up in the sewing room with me. It always helps with the late nights when you have company. Although she didn't mention them when posting on her site, I can't leave out the hot air balloons she made. These were very tricky and I am so glad she got a picture of them all in the air. Too cool!
Here is Miss Laila again wearing the Rise & Shine tank top dress and ruffle capris.
I thought this outfit was perfect for her dark skin, hair, and eyes. She is beautiful and lots of fun. I was so excited when Rebekah told me she was going to be in the shoot. I knew exactly who she was referring to because I have watched her grow through Rebekah's photography. She has always caught my attention when looking through SCP's blog. How couldn't she get your attention!? Those curls and eyes get me every time :)
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