Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polkadaisies..."Candy Confetti"

Last, but definitely not least, is my pride and joy wearing some of the "Candy Confetti" collection. This was the last set of the day and in my eyes (yes, I am a bit partial) we went out with a bang! I think back to all the late nights and the feelings of being overwhelmed with putting together at least 20 outfits and I can't explain the feeling of satisfaction once the photo shoot begins and especially once the day goes as well as it did. So many things could have went wrong but they didn't and everything went wonderfully!

Someone's trash is so often a treasure to me. I have a thing for antiques and making old things look renewed so you will find lots of those items in my house. Just ask Rich because he is always telling my mom that the reason our garage and basement is overflowing is because of all of my stuff. One of my favorite things are my kid's beds. They both have old cast iron beds that we refinished and here in the field is Gavin's. He was not happy about his bed being taken out of his room. You just have to know Gavin, but it tore him up when he saw his daddy carrying it out the front door. He kept telling Rich to take it back in and to get sissy's. Finally, after telling him what he was going to get to do, he was ok with it. We usually have to plan something a little different with Gavin or at least have some sort of bribery to get him to cooperate with pictures although he is doing much better as he gets older.
I would have to say that the bed was a hit with my kids. They were so excited about getting to have a pillow fight. What brother and sister wouldn't be? Right?

I think the main reason I get so overwhelmed with things is the fact that I put so much thought into the little things that some probably don't even pay any attention to. Just to give you an example, check out the pillows on the bed. Rebekah and I were dwindling fast one night and couldn't make a decision about the throw pillows for the bed. The question was whether or not to use two fabrics or one for the pillows. You may not know this about Rebekah but she has a really hard time committing to a fabric. (She did, however, do a great job picking fabrics for the bunting banner in the tea party set.) Her support is always "whatever you think". So, after sitting in the floor for a while I decided on two fabrics. I, of course, thought two fabrics would look better but we were running out of steam and I started to take the easier route. I didn't and once she started shooting this set I was so glad I didn't. The different fabrics added so much and made them pop much more than if it was just one fabric. Well, atleast it did to me!

A pillow fight is one thing, but add some feathers flying out just puts it on another level!

The looks on people's faces as they drove by was priceless. I guess you don't see two monkeys jumping on the bed out in a field too often. Not to mention a cheering section lined up along the road. LOL!

I may have said this before but Rebekah did all of the planning except for the outfits which makes my life so much easier. If I would have had anything else on my plate, it would have been an overload. She decided on all of the props based on fabric swatches, which is pretty impressive considering how perfect they all were. I can only take credit for dressing the kids and I had help with that. I must say a big thank you to Karen for helping me get everything made in time.

The location Rebekah chose was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!!

I must give a big shout out to her family for allowing us to use it. We always strive to do something different and being in a small town and making things convenient for everyone limits the locations, but she nailed it on this one.

see the throw pillows...doesn't the extra fabric look good :)

Rebekah may be wishy about which fabrics I should use , but that is about it. I guess that is my job anyways. She has it together with everything else. The reason things went so smoothly is because of her. She had everything planned out and kept that game face on throughout the day. I am so fortunate to have her help me with the vision I have for Polkadaisies. It is such an honor to have her work represent what I am so proud of. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Southern Charm Portaits Rocks it in every way!

I want to thank all the kids that participated and their parents. I appreciate you taking the time out of your weekend to bring them our way. It was a pleasure working with everyone!

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