Monday, April 13, 2009

When Polkadaises & Southern Charm Portraits swirl, I want to twirl!

I was very anxious to get my hands on these pictures and now I can share the work of Southern Charm Portraits when "swirled" with Polkadaisies. I know I wanted to twirl when I seen them!

I will be posting some all week, because there are too many favorites to do in one day!

I love zebra print (not quite as much as my love for polkadots, but I love it) and I have sure used it a lot this year.

Meet Miss Lauren! I had planned on making a long swing/dress top for Lauren, but when her mom asked her what she wanted to wear in the photo shoot, she said "a Sadie skirt". I couldn't wait for Lauren to model this. We worked ALL day one Saturday getting her and her sister's outfit ready. It's nice to see Polkadaisies on some teen kids, because I know when Sadie is a teenager, I will still be wanting to make her things.

I had to have Lauren and Sadie pictured together, not just because of their matching outfits, but because you would not believe the people that ask if they are related. I am great friends with Lauren and Rachel's mom, but people that don't even know that will still ask if there is a relation.

Heather and I refer to this picture as the "album cover" which I think originally came from Rachel's dad. It does so look like it though. It's hard for her to see the beauty of this because she isn't smiling, but she will when she is older. It's such a cool picture. I know I could make her appreciate it. All I would have to do is put a picture of me at this age beside it and she could see the difference. I would probably have some cheesy outfit on while holding a cabbage patch doll. Who would be the cool one? Rachel will also be sporting some pink hair with me this summer. We can be cool kids together!
Zebra shoe string are a must have!

We also made sure SCP got a picture of Rachel and Gavin because he adores her. He doesn't have much to do with too many people, but he eats her up!

Love this one because it shows my Sassy Sadie!

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