Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bump! Splash!

What a weekend! It started off with a bump on the way to the park Friday but ended with a splash Sunday at the lake.

I was so upset Friday when a lady rear ended us. Upset? No, I would say furious. I was not braking, not stopped, just going the speed limit and she smashed into me. She had to have been flying. Thank goodness for a SUV. Her car was totaled and mine only had a messed up bumper. She went to jail and we went to the park!

Check out the handle bars?

I can't tell you how often this little fella sneaks upstairs to help me sew when he should be in bed. Imagine it being 1 am and trying to get something finished with a two year old sitting on your knee. Look at my thread! It kept him entertained for 10 minutes!!! It's amazing what you will let your kids do so you can finish something. The thread is just one of his minor entertainments. I don't have pictures of some of the good ones. He comes by it honest. The best one that I remember of me and my brother was the time we smeared bananas on the unfinished basement floor so we could roller skate and play hockey with a new level of challenge. Let's just say that mom didn't get to make all of her banana pudding!

Just getting warmed up for a summer at the lake. A nice ride on the jet skiis, pizza at Shanghi, golf ball hunting at Deerfield, and a little tanning. I want more!

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