Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Polkadaisies Vacation time is near!!!!

Look at what a cute family! Bethany was very nice to send me these pictures of her family at Disney World in their Polkadaisies* Minnie and Mickey shirts. I had four families wearing my shirts at Disney World during spring break and none of them were mine gosh darn it. I got an email from a family who was there and said they had seen the cutest family wearing my shirts and wanted to get some for their family because they are taking a Disney Cruise this summer. Come to find out, it was Bethany who had hooked them up with Polkadaisies. Thanks Bethany! They took pictures of their shirts so they wouldn't forget. I knew Sophia and her big red hair bow would catch peoples' eyes. Too stinkin' cute! I have to give a big thanks to Jenny in Illinois for making such an effort to get in touch with me. I'm still holding out that the guys in the family will get on board with the Mickey shirts. I think anything goes at Disney World. I will even add that what happens at Disney World, stays at Disney World. Well, I guess that would be Vegas. Ahh...What happens in DW stays in DW too!

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