Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Gavin would not let me take his picture today, but I finally caught him off guard. Behind the scenes, he was on Nannie's table swinging on the umbrella. I have to get it when and however I can.
We hid 212 eggs :)
It was hard for some of the men to break away from watching the Masters, but they did.
I love tulips!
We had a lot of fun hiding the eggs. We even got a little creative with the chicks.

Sizing up the competition. Something wasn't going Gavin's way :(

I guess you would call this home court advantage. I busted Nannie helping Sadie out and then turned around and saw Papaw doing the same for Gavin.

Everyone was adding up their prizes.
What a wonderful day! We were rushed this morning as usual, but once we made it to church, everything went smooth the rest of the day. The pastor today shared some of his memories of Easter and one of them was how he use to take the grass out of his basket before the big egg hunt so his basket would hold more eggs. I never think Sadie is paying attention to what he is saying until she makes little remarks about it later. However, today during the end of service she looked at me and asked me if she could take the grass out of her basket. It cracked me up. I was so tickled that she had sat there during the entire service thinking about this. Not only did she take the grass out of her basket, but she got a different basket from Nannie because it was bigger. Competitive already at the new age of 5.

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